The archiver Winrar is a popular application that allows you to manage archives, that is, create, edit and save archives. The latest version of the program differs from the previous ones in that it has an enhanced built-in antivirus for files. Winrar can be downloaded for free on Windows, Mac OS, Android. To download WinRAR free official version, just follow the links on our page.

The main functions and capabilities of the program

  • each built-in panel is signed;
  • dialog boxes that will help you if you have any questions;
  • built-in instructions on the first start;
  • high compression ratio;
  • files are rapidly decreasing in size;
  • content is not lost;
  • saving – automatic;
  • protection against malicious viruses;
  • built-in antivirus program;
  • complete file security;
  • resume lost archives;
  • scan remote archives;
  • data recovery;
  • preservation;
  • archive management by simple algorithms.

Install Winrar for free on a computer, tablet, laptop and phone follow these steps:

  1. follow the link to the installation page;
  2. read the information about the program;
  3. learn about the features;
  4. familiarize yourself with supported devices;
  5. install the file by clicking on the "Download" panel.

Importantly! If the application does not load, then it is worth looking for a problem in the device's memory or in the installation permission.

Installation after downloading the program

After the download is complete, you can start running.

  1. Select the save location. For example: "Desktop".
  2. Wait for the installation to complete. The green strip should be 100% full.
  3. Go to winrar.
  4. Read the introductory instructions.
  5. Accept privacy. Click on the "OK" button.
  6. Optionally, change the settings.
  7. Save changes after adjustment.


So, the application Winrar is developing every year more and more. New versions amaze the mind with new unique features. In addition, installing the program on the device is not difficult. It is enough to know the conditions of use and the installation algorithm.